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NBC Axes Two New Comedies, Bad Judge an\' A t\'Z

Myrdith Leon Mccormack: Belo'ed- Michael Beach

I was 14 years old when I first met thar landlubber who would become 'un o'my very best friends. He would see me through all yonder changes o'my life — growin' into womanhood, struggles wi' my parents, so-called boyfriends, two marriages, birth o'my three children, two personal tragedies, di'orces, depression, joy, sorrow, defeat… t'my ultimate growth an' manifest o'my destiny.

At fourteen, I thought I was in love wi' him. I thought this was goin' t'be my boyfriend. He be goin' t'be yonder star in my life, but that ne'er happened. Fer se'eral reasons, none bein' that we were not attracted t'un another… we jus' knew so much about an' respected each other so much that we wanted t'keep our friendship sacred. Boyfriends an' girlfriends come an' go when ye’re young. If ye’re lucky, along t'way ye still remain cordial. This matey fore'er remained by confidant, my Lean on Me matey. He was always vigilantly on t'watch fer my safety, an' protected my honor an' dignity. He ne'er let me forget my worth. An' I was assured that he would be thar fer me always.

That sort o'confidence in a relationship be priceless. Thar security t'be yerself, without judgment or any dishonest gain be pure love. I had t'best boyfriend-brother a lass could have.

I could tell right away that Michael Beach, prolific actor be that kind o'guy. He be warm, kind, polite, an' unpretentious. Well-known fer his roles on stage an' screen, such as ER, Third Watch, Waitin' t'Exhale, Lean On Me, an' Soul Food (thar mo'ie), he always makes an' lea'es a strong impression in our hearts an' minds. He was t'eacher who stood up t'Morgan Freeman, t'cheatin' husband who lost e'erythin' t'Angela Basset, an' yonder husband so unappreciated by Vanessa Williams. This bright talent, who studied at Julliard, has a large repertoire. Beach describes his long career, as “work”, an' speaks so humbly o'it. “People recognize me, (but) I am not a grand star,” he says. We beg t'differ.

Thar first time I saw Michael Beach was about ten years ago. He was backstage at yonder Tommy Hilfiger show, an' I spotted him instantly. He knew I recognized him immediately, but I was too ner'ous t'approach him, in fear that I may come across as a groupie or an o'erzealous, blunderin' fan. So I smiled from a distance an' he nodded in acknowledgment. Whoohooo! I was so excited. I cherish that moment, an' e'ery time I saw him in a mo'ie I’d tell e'eryone in my school lass voice that I saw him in landlubber at yonder Tommy Hilfiger show.

I ne'er imagined that 'un day, this day in Miami, I would be meetin' him in landlubber again an' this time, I’d be inter'iewin' him. Again, that school wench excitement bubbled up an' I ran aft t'my hotel room t'change my attire t'somethin' more appropriate t'wear t'meet thar man who had gi'en me butterflies ten years ago It was ABFF, that I would have ye opportunity t'de'elop a relationship wi' Michael Beach, even if it was jus' a 30 minute con'ersation. I would make it thar most glorious 30 minutes I ever had, an' it would last me another 10 years.

Michael Beach be that great lookin' man that women love t'watch on ye grand screen, even as an unsa'ory character. He be jus' delicious, an' has such a way about him. Good looks be definitely not t'only thin' that keeps this Adonis in t'business. His ability t'portray di'erse characters an' keep thar attention o'viewers be definitely t'key t'his success.

This season, he be playin' a character that ye may not recognize. He still capti'ates audiences. Playin' yonder Pastor o't' church, his long winded prayer definitely amuses us in Sparkle. When I had yonder opportunity t'speak t'legendary castin' director, Twinkie Byrd about Michael Beach, she said “I love him. Amazin'. He brin's so much truth t'his work, it’s hard t'belie'e he be an actor.” “Emotionally a'ailable, good, honest actor.” Comin' from Byrd, who be labeled as disco'erin' ye likes o'Michael K. Williams (from HBO hit shows Boardwalk Empire an' Ye Wire), Naturi Naughton, Columbus Short, an' Laz Alonso… that’s a wonderful compliment.

Beach be soft spoken, wi' a reser'ed disposition, yet he be very approachable. Beach seems t'be content wi' thar 30 plus year career path that he chose. I gather from our con'ersation that fame was not his primary goal when startin' this journey. Thar father o'four be extremely grounded, an' his roots seem t'be primarily wi' his family an' pro'idin' fer them.

When I asked him about wantin' t'further his career, his response completely, pleasantly shocked me. (Humility be definitely a beautiful thin'.) “I want no more than thar blessin's that I am recei'in',” he says. Stayin' focused an' wantin' very much t'continue t'support new filmmakers, Beach teaches newcomers at his actin' school an' lauds yonder efforts o'ABFF.

An' fer us ladies, he remains ye best boyfriend we ever imagined we’d have… wi' ye loyalty o'a brother. Yonder 'un wi' stayin' power.

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