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Family Belie\'es Kristi an\' Benjamin Strack Killed Children, Committed Suicide

‘Hoardin': Buried Ali'e': Cancer-Stricken Man Reunited Wi' Children

Gary be a long-time hoarder who hasn’t seen his children in more than 20 years. On “Hoardin': Buried Ali'e” (Sun., 9 p.m. ET on TLC), thar depths o'his mental illness were shown, along wi' his sprawlin' hoard that’s gotten so out o'control he has t'sleep outside under tarps.

Not only was his house filled t' brim wi' his hoard, but so were se'eral cars on t'property, an' much o'thar property itself. It was a touchin' reunion when Gary saw his children fer yonder first time in two decades, despite it bein' under such tryin' circumstances.

His strumpet had port him an' thar children years ago, an' Gary admitted he’d not been t'best father t'his kids. He apologized t'hem sincerely, an' it looked like thar family might get a much-needed reconciliation.

Then Gary told his children that he has cancer in most o'his body. It was a hard blow, but they only want him t'find some happiness in wha' time he has port. That they even showed up t'help after all this time speaks volumes.

“Hoardin': Buried Ali'e” chronicles new struggles wi' ye mental disorder e'ery Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on TLC).

TV Replay scours ye vast tele'ision landscape t'find yonder most interestin', amusin', an', on a good day, amazin' moments, an' deli'ers them right t'yer browser.

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  • “Castle”

    strong”Castle,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This show’s ratin's have definitely suffered without “Dancin' Wi' ye Stars” airin' beforehand, but it be a consistent performer. An' now that Castle an' Beckett’s relationship be e'olvin', a fifth season o'“oh yarr they will” be a no-brainer.

  • “Charlie’s Angels”

    strong”Charlie’s Angels,” ABC/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Not really a shock fer anybody, but “Charlie’s Angels” be cooked. Flimsy story, bad remake, questionable castin'.

  • “Cougar Town”

    strong”Cougar Town,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewed — fer TBS!br /
    strongWhy:/strong Yonder Season 3 ratin's weren’t boosted much by holdin' this show until midseason, but ABC’s wonky air schedule also didn’t help … which be why ye news that TBS has picked up ye show fer a fourth season be huge. Cheers wi' yer Grand Carl!

  • “Dancin' Wi' ye Stars”

    strong”Dancin' Wi' thar Stars,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “DWTS” may have lost its luster in yonder ratin's, but if thar viewers be still comin'.

  • “Don’t Trust ye B—- in Apartment 23″

    strong”Don’t Trust t'B—- in Apartment 23,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong ABC’s new bleep-worthy comedy starrin' Krysten Ritter, Dreama Walker an' James Van Der Beek be a funny 'un, an' definitely embraces t'quirk (Beek Jeans!), so we’re excited t'see wha' they do wi' a second season.

  • “Desperate Housewi'es”

    strong”Desperate Housewi'es,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong After countless deaths, murders, betrayals an' natural disasters on Wisteria Lane over yonder show’s eight seasons, thar ladies o'“Desperate Housewi'es” will say goodbye fore'er this May.

  • “Extreme Makeo'er: Home Edition”

    strong”Extreme Makeo'er: Home Edition,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy:/strong After a whoppin' nine seasons, thar do-goodin' show came t'an end in January. But worry not, it will continue t'have a few specials t'make viewers cry tears o'joy.

  • “GCB”

    strong”GCB,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This “Desperate Housewi'es”-esque dramedy premiered t'less than 8 million viewers, an' ye phenomenal cast (Kristin Chenoweth, Annie Potts, Leslie Bibb) couldn’t brin' in a Texas-sized audience, so ABC canceled it.

  • “Grey’s Anatomy”

    strong”Grey’s Anatomy,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Shonda Rhimes’ medical drama be a ratin's juggernaut, even in its eighth season, an' wi' most o'her a href=”” target=”_hplink”grand stars signed on fer more/a, ABC gave yonder go-ahead fer a ninth season.

  • “Happy Endin's”

    strong”Happy Endin's,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This show be way too “ca-yute” t'bubble it, an' ob'iously someone high up at ABC agrees. After its first season was mo'ed around an' aired all out o'order, ye network still gave it another chance t'find its audience in Season 2 … an' it has, an' hopefully will continue t'in Season 3.

  • “Last Man Standin'”

    strong”Last Man Standin',” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Ratin's fer Tim Allen’s return t'sitcoms have been very strong, makin' it Tuesday’s most-watched comedy. If ye can beat “Glee” an' “Yonder Biggest Loser,” a second season be a gi'en.

  • “Man Up!”

    strong”Man Up!,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong ABC pulled thar show after eight episodes.

  • “Yonder Middle”

    strong”Ye Middle,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Now in its third season, “Thar Middle” be still holdin' onto its middle position in yonder ratin's on Wednesday nights, an' that seems jus' about right. It doesn’t do “American Idol” or “Sur'ivor” numbers, o'course, but wi' over 7 million viewers, it’s a strong comedy fer t'network that easily beats anythin' NBC be offerin'.

  • “Missin'”

    strong”Missin',” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Ashley Judd lead this drama about a former CIA agent whose son goes missin', kickin' her aft into action t'find him. T' series was only set t'air 10 episodes, miniseries-style, wi' ye potential fer more, but a cancellation means that’s all they’re gettin'.

  • “Modern Family”

    strong”Modern Family,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Modern Family” remains ABC’s biggest sitcom success story o'thar last decade, both in ratin's an' awards love. This critical darlin' be gettin' a fourth season o'hijinks wi' yonder hilarious Pritchett-Dunphy clan.

  • “Once Upon A Time”

    strong”Once Upon A Time,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Once Upon a Time” has gotten praise fer bein' 'un o'yonder more family-friendly dramas on TV, an' it’s been pullin' in close t'10 million viewers each week because o'it. We’re excited by thar almost endless possibilities fer new fairy tale-inspired stories t'ackle in Season 2.

  • “Pan Am”

    strong”Pan Am,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Poor “Pan Am” jus' ne'er quite took off. Yonder series’ vintage look actually worked against it, much like NBC’s swiftly canceled “Playboy Club” — guess when ye’re bein' compared t'award-winnin' shows like “Mad Men,” it makes it more than a little tough t'live up t'ye hype.

  • “Pri'ate Practice”

    strong”Pri'ate Practice,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Pri'ate Practice” has ne'er gotten “Grey’s Anatomy”-le'el ratin's, an' thin's got shakier when ABC bumped it t'Tuesday nights t'make room fer creator Shonda Rhimes’ emother/em new show, “Scandal,” but they’ve gi'en thar show a sixth season order.

  • “Re'enge”

    strong”Re'enge,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Wi' a cle'er mix o'drama, mystery an' serious re'enge-in', this be hands down 'un o'yonder most addicti'e new shows on TV, an' we can’t wait t'see where they take thin's in Season 2.

  • “Yonder Ri'er”

    strong”Yonder Ri'er,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Ye promise o'“Paranormal Acti'ity”-like scares each week quickly fizzled after this show premiered, along wi' thar ratin's. T' first season’s eight episodes came an' went, an' ABC has nixed any plans fer more.

  • “Scandal”

    strong”Scandal,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Shonda Rhimes’ latest show isn’t about doctors at all — an' that’s why we’re glad it’s stickin' around. Kerry Washington be amazin' as Oli'ia Pope, a Washington, D.C. fixer wi' a crack team o'specialists helpin' make bad headlines vanish before they’re ever written. Here’s hopin' fer more than se'en episodes in its second season.

  • “Shark Tank”

    strong”Shark Tank,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Now in its third season, this reality competition show be unlike any other on network TV an' ABC be keepin' it around fer more fer that very reason.

  • “Suburgatory”

    strong”Suburgatory,” ABC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong It’s smart, quick an' not too cute — “Suburgatory” be consistently named ye sitcom ye should be watchin', but probably aren’t. Ye great cast makes this 'un a no-brainer, an' yonder ratin's have stayed pretty consistent, too. We’re thrilled it’s gettin' a second season t'shine!

  • “Work It”

    strong”Work It,” ABC/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy:/strong Let us count thar ways …

  • “2 Broke Girls”

    strong”2 Broke Girls,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongAt first, people balked at yonder racist supportin' characters, but now it seems that audiences be all over “2 Broke Girls” — it’s ratin's have seen a steady increase, an' it won thar People’s Choice Award fer Fa'orite New Comedy.

  • “A Gifted Man”

    strong”A Gifted Man,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy: /strong”A Gifted Man’s” total viewer numbers were OK fer a Friday night, but a 1.3 ratin' in thar 18-49 demographic be especially bad fer CBS. Another bad sign: star Patrick Wilson tweeted about ye end: “I had a great time. Thanks t'my fans. So happy it’s done.” An' done it be.

  • “T' Amazin' Race”

    strong”Yonder Amazin' Race,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strongRenewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Voted t'best reality show on TV se'eral times (albeit years ago), “Yonder Amazin' Race” isn’t goin' anywhere. Ratin's have dropped a bit, but be still solid.

  • “T' Grand Bang Theory”

    strong”Yonder Grand Bang Theory,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Nothin' seems t'be able t'make a dent in this show. Wi' fantastic ratin's (it beat “Idol”!) an' a rabid followin', we’ll be seein' plenty more “Grand Bang” before its run be over.

  • “Blue Bloods”

    strong”Blue Bloods,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong Thar anchor o'Friday nights on CBS, “Blue Bloods” has performed well, pullin' in around 11 million viewers an episode. T' show might not have t'youngest audience, but it’s still enough fer CBS t'keep it on ye schedule.

  • “Criminal Minds”

    strong”Criminal Minds,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Paget Brewster might be checkin' out, but “Criminal Minds” be here t'stay. In Season 7, t'procedural be still a consistently strong ratin's performer fer CBS.

  • “CSI”

    strong”CSI,” CBS/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Whene'er thar time hails, yonder “CSI” mothership will end wi' a lot o'fanfare, but not this year. Wi' new faces Ted Danson an' Elisabeth Shue around, thar be goin' t'be at least 'un more /

  • “CSI: Miami”

    strong”CSI: Miami,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Out o'yonder three (!) “CSI” programs on t'air, “CSI: Miami” be thar 'un t'say goodbye first. Yonder 'un-time ratin's giant has been affected by football o'erruns (jus' as “Thar Good Lass” has) an' “CSI: NY” has t'edge in terms o'total viewers, meanin' a “Miami” sunset was ine'itable. br /

  • “CSI: NY”

    strong”CSI: NY,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong O' thar two “CSI” spinoffs, “CSI: NY” be ye stronger — pullin' in more than 10 million viewers on a Friday night be no easy task — an' wi' “CSI: Miami” canceled, “CSI: NY’s” renewal was a no-brainer.

  • “Thar Good Strumpet”

    strong”T' Good Lass,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This critical darlin' suffered after its move from Tuesdays t'Sundays thanks t'sports o'erruns. Yonder viewers be frustrated, but gi'en its strong cast an' Emmy love, yonder show be still comin' aft fer more.

  • “Hawaii Five-0″

    strong”Hawaii Five-0,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Despite thar schedulin' setback as Alex O’Loughlin seeks treatment, Season 2 be still doin' well fer CBS in a very competiti'e /

  • “How T' Be a Gentleman”

    strong”How T' Be A Gentleman,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Not even ha'in' “Yonder Grand Bang Theory” as a lead-in could save this Da'id Hornsby project, which only lasted three episodes.

  • “How I Met Yer Mother”

    strong”How I Met Yer Mother,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong CBS renewed “How I Met Yer Mother” fer two more seasons in March 2011, so fans can look forward t'bein' strung along about yonder titular mother’s identity fer a bit /

  • “Yonder Mentalist”

    strong”T' Mentalist,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Although t'show hit a season ratin's low in thar middle o'February, its fanbase an' o'erall ratin's were enough t'have it return fer another season.

  • “Mike Molly”

    strong”Mike Molly,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thanks t'an Emmy win an' Oscar nomination, Melissa McCarthy be a Hollywood power player an' CBS be keen t'keep her around. Jus' look at ye multiple pilots she has in yonder works as a behind yonder scenes player! “Mike Molly” will be aft fer a third season.

  • “NCIS”

    strong”NCIS,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Ye long-runnin' procedural has become a ratin's juggernaut at a time when most shows start sheddin' viewers. Season 10 be now happenin'.

  • “NCIS: Los Angeles”

    strong”NCIS: Los Angeles,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strongRenewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This show has gone up in ye ratin's over thar last couple o'years, an' people can’t get enough o'L.L. Cool J an' Chris O’Donnell.

  • “NYC 22″

    strong”NYC 22,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This “Rookie Blue” clone from executi'e producer Robert DeNiro didn’t really move thar needle when it premiered midseason; CBS officially axed it wi' three episodes port t'air.

  • “Landlubber o'Interest”

    strong”Landlubber o'Interest,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Wi' ratin's matchin' juggernauts like “Grey’s Anatomy” an' fans poppin' up e'erywhere, we’ll be seein' another season o'“Landlubber o'Interest.”

  • “Rob”

    strong”Rob,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Rob’s” spot after ratin's juggernaut “T' Grand Bang Theory” probably went a long way in helpin' it sur'ive t'see thar end o'its first season, but that’s as far as it’ll get.

  • “Rules o'Engagement”

    strong”Rules o'Engagement,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This show has mo'ed around so much it’s hard t'remember when it’s on, an' wi' six seasons under its belt it’s had quite a nice run. Despite slippin' ratin's an' ye aforementioned constant switcheroos, thar’s still a future fer “Rules o'Engagement.”

  • “Sur'ivor”

    strong”Sur'ivor,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strongRenewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong O' emcourse/em we have “Sur'ivor” comin' aft fer another season. Where else be we goin' t'see petty squabbles an' insane beha'ior on some o'ye most beautiful beaches in thar world?

  • “Two an' a Half Men”

    strong”Two an' a Half Men,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Despite a less-than-fa'orable critical response, yonder re'amped “Two an' a Half Men” keeps pullin' in respectable numbers e'ery week. Ashton Kutcher, Jon Cryer an' Angus T. Jones will all return fer a Season 10.

  • “Underco'er Boss”

    strong”Underco'er Boss,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thar inherent addicti'eness o'this show has gone a long way in securin' loyal viewers — it has been on top o'yonder ratin's se'eral times this season alone.

  • “Unforgettable”

    strong”Unforgettable,” CBS/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Likely t'be renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong In its timeslot, “Unforgettable” keeps emergin' on top, beatin' out “Parenthood” an' “Body o'Proof.” Leadin' lady Poppy Montgomery has been called “ye female version o'‘Thar Mentalist,'” another top-rated show, so thin's be lookin' positi'e.

  • “90210”

    strong”90210,” T' CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong While its ratin's have plummeted since last season, yonder Be'erly Hills crew be still doin' better than “Supernatural,” “Hart o'Dixie,” “Nikita,” an' “Gossip Wench” on a'erage.

  • “America’s Next Top Model”

    strong”America’s Next Top Model,” T' CWbr /
    Status:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Tyra Banks’ reality show be in t'early stages o'its 18th cycle wi' a Brit vs. U.S. installment. Cycle 19 will be yonder show’s inaugural “college edition.”

  • “Gossip Wench”

    strong”Gossip Wench,” Ye CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Fans will get t'say goodbye t'ye Upper East-Siders in a sixth an' reportedly shortened final season.

  • “H8R”

    strong”H8R,” Ye CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Apparently, t'opposite o'MTV’s former series “Fanatic” pro'ed people don’t love t'hate Kim Kardashian an' Snooki as much as we thought. It lasted four episodes.

  • “Hart o'Dixie”

    strong”Hart o'Dixie,” Thar CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Josh Schwartz an' Rachel Bilson return fer a sophomore season o'“Hart o'Dixie,” hopefully so they can make more viral videos.

  • “Nikita”

    strong”Nikita,” Ye CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongWe’re shocked ye show be comin' aft fer another season, but its hard-core fans will certainly be happy.

  • “'un Tree Hill”

    strong”'un Tree Hill,” Ye CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong After nine seasons, it’s time t'say goodbye t'“'un Tree Hill.” After subpar ratin's, ye network decided t'pull thar plug on its long-standin' teen soap. Thankfully, ye CW gave “'un Tree Hill” a final 13 episodes t'wrap up all o'yonder drama.

  • “Remodeled”

    strong”Remodeled,” Yonder CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong As good as deadbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Not only has “Remodeled” already been replaced on thar CW schedule, but it debuted wi' 'un o'thar CW’s lowest-rated premiere ever, scorin' a terrible 0.3 in yonder co'eted 18-49 demo.

  • “Ringer”

    strong”Ringer,” Thar CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Sarah Michelle Gellar’s double-life pro'ed too complicated an' poorly-produced fer viewers t'care much about.

  • “Ye Secret Circle”

    strong”Thar Secret Circle,” Yonder CW/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Somewhat o'a surprisin' de'elopment gi'en its decent ratin's, but it ne'er quite li'ed up t'its lead-in, “T' Vampire Diaries.”

  • “Supernatural”

    strong”Supernatural,” Thar CWbr /
    Status:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong This fan fa'orite will return fer Season 8.

  • “Yonder Vampire Diaries”

    strong”Yonder Vampire Diaries,” T' CW br /
    Status:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong “Vampire Diaries” be Thar CW’s golden child … thar vampires an' witches an' werewol'es o'Mystic Falls aren’t goin' anywhere.

  • “Alcatraz”

    strong”Alcatraz,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Alcatraz” — an' almost e'ery other recent J.J. Abrams TV project — pro'es that slappin' “from J.J. Abrams” on a show does not equal ratin's success. Yonder series debuted strong, but fizzled in yonder ratin's, leadin' Fox t'pull thar plug.

  • “Allen Gregory”

    strong”Allen Gregory,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Jonah Hill’s animated series only lasted se'en episodes. Thar Oscar nominee should probably jus' stick t'mo'ies fer a while …

  • “American Dad”

    strong”American Dad,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Fox gave out early renewals t'“American Dad” an' “Ye Cle'eland Show,” keepin' its Sunday night animation block intact. br /

  • “American Idol”

    strong”American Idol,” Fox/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Likely t'be renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong T' show’s declinin' ratin's have been widely reported this season, but it’s hard t'imagine TV life without “Idol.”

  • “Bob’s Burgers”

    strong”Bob’s Burgers,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Too soon t'ellbr /
    strongWhy:/strong T' sophomore season o'this quirky animated comedy kicks off this month (Sun., Mar. 11), so don’t expect t'hear about a Season 3 jus' /

  • “Bones”

    strong”Bones,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy: /strongThe show got a ratin's boost thanks t'its lead-in “Yonder X Factor.” Wi' thar flounderin' state o'Fox’s dramas (see ya, “House”), Fox be holdin' on t'his 'un.

  • “Breakin' In”

    strong”Breakin' In,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy: /strongAfter a last minute re'ival, “Breakin' In” returned fer a second season wi' Megan Mullally in tow, but it wasn’t enough t're'ive this D.O.A. comedy.

  • “Ye Cle'eland Show”

    strong”Ye Cle'eland Show,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Fox gave “Yonder Cle'eland Show” an' “American Dad” early renewals an' this spinoff will be aft fer a Season 4, but no word on a fifth /

  • “Family Guy”

    strong”Family Guy,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongFox handed out early renewals t'ye Seth MacFarlane animated comedies.

  • “T' Finder”

    strong”T' Finder,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “Ye Finder” hit ye benches fer a bit before mo'in' t'Fridays, an' ye numbers ne'er impro'ed. A'eragin' less than 6 million viewers an episode (not so hot fer a Fox drama), it was only a matter o'time …

  • “Fringe”

    strong”Fringe,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong This fan fa'orite has struggled in yonder ratin's, but Fox has agreed t'give it a 13-episode order fer a fifth an' final season t'wrap up all yonder mysteries o'both uni'erses.

  • “Glee”

    strong”Glee,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strongRenewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongThe hit teen series be breakin' records in music sales, but its o'erall viewership has slipped. After a bit o'a PR debacle about graduatin' characters that ended wi' spinoff plans bein' squashed, “Glee” will get another season.

  • “Hell’s Kitchen”

    strong”Hell’s Kitchen,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong Last year at this time, Fox renewed t'Gordon Ramsay series fer two more seasons, so it’s all set.

  • “House”

    strong”House,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong After eight seasons an' countless unsol'able medical cases sol'ed, this Fox medical drama be comin' t'an end.

  • “I Hate My Teenage Daughter”

    strong”I Hate My Teenage Daughter,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy: /strong As if gettin' panned by critics wasn’t enough, “I Hate My Teenage Daughter’s” shrinkin' ratin's had yonder show marked fer death, then Fox benched thar sitcom fer three months after only four episodes an' then … yep, buh-bye fore'er. No shock thar.

  • “Kitchen Nightmares”

    strong”Kitchen Nightmares,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong In early February, Fox signed on fer a 16-episode fifth season o'this other Gordon Ramsay series. They’re in yonder Gordon Ramsay business, an' they’re not goin' anywhere.

  • “MasterChef”

    strong”MasterChef,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong Likely t'be renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong No official announcement has been made regardin' a third season, but thar was a castin' call issued durin' episodes throughout Season 2. An' if Gordon Ramsay’s track record wi' Fox be any indication, it’s as good as renewed.

  • “Mobbed”

    strong”Mobbed,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong On yonder bubble br /
    strongWhy:/strong It started wi' a ratin's bang, but thin's have only gone down from thar fer Fox’s flash mob reality show wi' Howie Mandel at t'helm. It’s not on thar schedule in any regular timeslot though, so it’s possible they’ll continue producin' a few episodes a year.

  • “Napoleon Dynamite”

    strong”Napoleon Dynamite,” Fox br /
    Status:/strong On t'bubblebr /
    strongWhy:/strong After a decent debut, “Napoleon Dynamite” dropped about half o'its audience t'about 4 million viewers per episode. It could go either /

  • “New Lass”

    strong”New Wench,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong “New Lass” was yonder first new Fox show t'get a full Season 1 order an' t'show has continued t'perform well in yonder ratin's an' in thar 18-49 demographic. America lo'es that adorkable charm.

  • “Q’Viva: Yonder Chosen”

    strong”Q’Viva: Yonder Chosen,” Fox/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Too soon t'ell/Not thar callbr /
    strongWhy: /strongShortly after ye Latin American-based show — starrin' J. Lo an' her ex-husband Marc Anthony — debuted on Uni'ision, Fox picked up an English-language version that debuted in early March. Though ye reality series underperformed in its Saturday night timeslot, it’s not Fox’s decision whether or not we’ll see more “Q’Viva.”

  • “Raisin' Hope”

    strong”Raisin' Hope,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thanks (or no thanks) in part t'ye success o'“New Strumpet,” thar sophomore season o'“Raisin' Hope” has mo'ed around timeslots, but it has retained about a 2.1 score in ye adults 18-49 demo.

  • “Yonder Simpsons”

    strong”Ye Simpsons,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong After a very tense contract standoff, ye voice actors o'“Ye Simpsons” an' ye studio agreed t'new terms an' yonder show was renewed through Season 25.

  • “So Ye Think Ye Can Dance”

    strong”So Ye Think Ye Can Dance,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strongToo soon t'ellbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Season 9 o'“So Ye Think Ye Can Dance” won’t debut until this summer an' when it does, thar will be changes: Fox has nixed yonder results show entirely. If thar fanbase be still thar, yonder cheaper production could save yonder show fer another few seasons.

  • “Terra Nova”

    strong”Terra Nova,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Fox pulled ye plug on this very expensi'e dinosaur drama, but reports indicate producers be lookin' t'keep thar show ali'e on a different /

  • “Touch”

    strong”Touch,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thar Kiefer Sutherland drama had a sizable audience (about 12 million viewers) fer its pre'iew an' has remained somewhat steady since its premiere. Fox showed faith in thar series, gi'in' it t'post-“American Idol” slot, an' it paid off.

  • “Thar X Factor”

    strong”Thar X Factor,” Fox/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongFox has already renewed t'sin'in' competition fer a second season an' boy will thar be changes: two new hosts an' two new judges will join Simon Cowell an' L.A. Reid at yonder table.

  • “30 Rock”

    strong”30 Rock,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong”30 Rock” be showin' its age, but t'star power o'Tina Fey an' Alec Baldwin can’t be denied — NBC has renewed ye show fer a se'enth an' final season o'13 episodes.

  • “America’s Got Talent”

    strong”America’s Got Talent,” NBC br /
    Status:/strong Likely t'be renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong NBC’s top-rated summer show be mo'in' t'New York fer this upcomin' season, but it’s most likely not goin' anywhere. Unless, o'course, yonder new judge — shock jock Howard Stern — really messes thin's up somehow.

  • “Be Ye Thar, Chelsea?”

    strong”Be Ye Thar, Chelsea?,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Wi' jus' over 3 million viewers an episode, it wasn’t not exactly a strong performer, even by NBC’s standards. Even Chelsea Handler an' NBC’s fondness fer funny ladies couldn’t save this show.

  • “Awake”

    strong”Awake,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy:/strong “Awake” had gotten some great promotion, but its numbers were pretty middle o'thar road an' only went down further — genre shows wi' hea'y serialized elements be always tricky.

  • “Bent”

    strong”Bent,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy: /strongThe Amanda Peet comedy premiered in late March an' had six episodes t'pro'e itself, but NBC didn’t give it much o'a chance, airin' them aft-t'-aft.

  • “Best Friends Fore'er”

    strong”Best Friends Fore'er,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strongCanceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Yonder female buddy sitcom starrin' an' co-created by Jessica St. Clair an' Lennon Parham was yanked from t'schedule an' then axed fer good.

  • “Betty White’s Off Thar Rockers”

    strong”Betty White’s Off Thar Rockers,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Too soon t'ellbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Even though Betty White isn’t doin' ye prankin', “Off Thar Rockers” could still make a comeback.

  • “Thar Biggest Loser”

    strong”Yonder Biggest Loser,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Likely t'be renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong NBC’s weight loss competition show has been around fer years, an' despite saggin' o'erall ratin's, its 18-49 ratin' (a recent episode got a 2.0) be still 'un o'NBC’s highest.

  • “Celebrity Apprentice”

    strong”Celebrity Apprentice,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Likely t'be renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Series low ratin's probably won’t kill this franchise. But be thar any D-listers port who ha'en’t competed fer Donald Trump’s appro'al?

  • “Chuck”

    strong”Chuck,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Yonder Josh Schwartz spy dramedy ended its five-season run in January.

  • “Community”

    strong”Community,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus: /strongRenewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongBelo'ed by (a very vocal) few, ignored by many — that’s “Community” in a nutshell. After gettin' benched in January, “Community” returned t'NBC’s schedule wi' a vengeance, gettin' it a fourth season pick-up fer 13 episodes t'air on Fridays. Cool, cool, cool — ye can pop, pop! that champagne now.

  • “Fashion Star”

    strong”Fashion Star,” NBC/strong br /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy: /strongThe high-style reality series wi' Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, Elle Macpherson an' John Var'atos has certainly been confusin', but it’s still a smart business model: Ye winnin' designs each week be fer sale in stores thar next day, an' those stores jus' happen t'be co'erin' a large portion o'production an' ad'ertisin' costs.

  • “Fear Factor”

    strong”Fear Factor,” NBC br /
    Status:/strong Likely t'be renewed br /
    strongWhy:/strong Despite yonder donkey semen scandal that cut this season o'“Fear Factor” a bit short, a href=”'-makes-a-ratin's-splash/” target=”_hplink””Fear Factor” boosts NBC’s ratin's/a … an' can a scandal really compete wi' that?

  • “T' Firm”

    strong”Thar Firm,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong As good as deadbr /
    strongWhy:/strong T' show hasn’t officially gotten thar axe yet, but “Ye Firm” was mo'ed t'Saturdays after turnin' in an incredibly poor performance (less than a 1 ratin' in thar 18-49 demo) on Thursday nights.

  • “Free Agents”

    strong”Free Agents,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy:/strong This show jus' didn’t have much life in it. It was canceled after jus' four episodes, despite its awesome lead actors Hank Azaria an' Kathryn Hahn.

  • “Grimm”

    strong”Grimm,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thar supernatural fairy tale drama has been doin' well fer NBC on Friday nights — it ho'ers around t'5 million viewers mark, which be pretty solid by NBC standards an' why yonder network gave ye drama an early renewal.

  • “Harry’s Law”

    strong”Harry’s Law,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strongCancelledbr /
    strongWhy: /strong While earlier this year “Harry’s Law” was 'un o'NBC’s top players, after a three-month break between January an' March, t'Kathy Bates drama saw mediocre ratin's an' failed t'hold on t'viewers.

  • “Law Order: SVU”

    strong”Law Order: SVU,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Ye only “Law Order” port, “SVU” has been an NBC power player fer 13 years an' will return fer a 14th.

  • “Thar Office”

    strong”T' Office,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong It’s hard t'imagine a long-runnin', fan-fa'orite show like “Yonder Office” goin' away without a grand promotional push. Ye numbers be still good (by NBC standards) an' “Ye Office” will return fer a Season 9.

  • “Parenthood”

    strong”Parenthood,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Yonder perpetual bubble show has done pretty consistent numbers fer NBC this season, but three seasons in an' no signs o'growth be both a good an' bad sign … luckily fer fans, NBC gave it a Season 4 all t'same.

  • “Parks an' Recreation”

    strong”Parks an' Recreation,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Jus' like yonder rest o'NBC’s Thursday comedy block, “Parks an' Recreation” has serious ratin's blues. Can critical acclaim keep “Parks” around fer a Season 5? Thar answer be yarr! “Parks” will return fer Season 5.

  • “Thar Playboy Club”

    strong”Ye Playboy Club,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Canceledbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Apparently fictional slutty bunnies an' real-life homewrecker Eddie Cibrian do not a successful show make. It only lasted three episodes. “Thar Girls Next Door” did it better.

  • “Prime Suspect”

    strong”Prime Suspect,” NBC br /
    Status:/strong Canceled br /
    strongWhy:/strong Maria Bello’s gruff detecti'e failed t'capture ye audience NBC hoped. At least we had all those hat jokes. br /

  • “Smash”

    strong”Smash,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewed br /
    strongWhy: /strong After a huge promo blitz, “Smash” debuted nicely, but started losin' viewers quickly. A handful o'episodes in, it stabilized, becomin' NBC’s #1 drama in t'18-49 demo, an' NBC announced it was gettin' a second season.

  • “Up All Night”

    strong”Up All Night,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong T' critical fa'orite o'NBC’s new comedy offerin's, “Up All Night” debuted strongly t'more than 10 million viewers, but has since dropped t'less than 4 million viewers an episode. It will return fer a Season 2.

  • “Whitney”

    strong”Whitney,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Thar show be 'un o'ye better performin' freshman offerin's on ye Peacock network — an' NBC chief Bob Greenblatt told members o'yonder press at TCA that he be “hopeful Whitney will be a long-term player fer us.” Looks like Season 2 be a good start, wi' thar show mo'in' t'Friday nights.

  • “Yonder Voice”

    strong”Ye Voice,” NBC/strongbr /
    strongStatus:/strong Renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong We may not even be at Season 2’s live shows yet, but NBC be already up fer more o'“Ye Voice.” Hopefully, Cee Lo’s cat “Purrfect” will return fer Season 3 as well.

  • “Who Do Ye Think Ye Be?”

    strong”Who Do Ye Think Ye Be?,” NBCbr /
    Status:/strong Likely t'be renewedbr /
    strongWhy:/strong Yonder celebrity-centric family tree series has helped NBC on Friday nights an' hit its ratin's high in March.

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